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Pets For Kids

By []Lesley Munnings 

 Here are 10 Essential Reality Checks for YOU to consider when 'others' are considering the addition of a new pet to your family or household.

 So you want a pet or at least your kids want a pet, well there is nothing unnatural about that, the whole idea will sound great...but wait a minute, stop and think.... there are some great positives about this idea....there are also some essential reality checks that need thinking about....a quick read through my checklists below will help you make a more realistic decision.
Remember the old saying "A pet is not just for Christmas". Someone will have to clear the 'pooh' up at the end of it .... all. 

Essential Reality Check No. 1 - 
The Type of Pet

The type of pets for kids you can take into your household will depend on a whole host of things such as follows:

The ages of your kids - a two year old child will probably not be able to handle a pet gently and certainly won't be able to care for the pet.....

How much will the pet costs be - not just to buy - but to care for on a daily basis?

What size of pet does your child want? - What space will be needed? A hamster does not take up much space but guinea pigs, ferrets and rats need much larger cages.

How much time do your kids and you as a family have to give to the pet?

Will your family be safe with the pet? Will the pet be safe with your family?

If you have a larger pet such as a dog, cat, or goat what effects will it have on your family, friends and neighbours?

How will your pet be cared for during your holidays.

Will your family be able to cope with the eventual death of a pet?

Some pets will sleep most of the day and be awake at night. Hamsters can be very noisy at night!

If your child wants a dog you will need to look into the breed, size and exercise needs of the dog.

 Do you already have another pet, what effect will it have on that pet. For instance will your dog be ok with a cat or rabbit or bird?

Essential Reality Check No. 2 - 
Ages of your Kids

You will need to decide on a pet that is suitable for the age of your kids. 

For instance in most cases it would not be wise to buy a hamster for a two year old child who is still adapting to the world around them and may not know or be able to handle the hamster gently.

Do you want to give your kids some responsibility in caring for an animal. Some kids are very responsible and will be able to manage this. Other kids, well the sight of a baby animal is just too appealing, after all who can resist a cute puppy or kitten or baby hamster?

At first you may need to help your kids, as caring for a pet is a very responsible job. As a parent or carer you will always need to oversee a pet's care.

As the parent or carer you will need to decide if your child is old enough to handle and care for a pet. How often have parents heard the cry "oh but we promise we'll take it for walks everyday"
Or "we'll clean it out mum, we promise". How will you feel in a years time when you find yourself caring for the pets because the kids are busy with friends or away on a school trip or inundated with homework or just plain bored with the poor thing.

Essential Reality Check No. 3 - 
True Costs of Pets for Kids

Some pets are very cheap to buy for instance hamsters, guinea pigs, goldfish. gerbils, fancy rats, fancy mice and rabbits and even ferrets.

You will still need to consider:
The cage set up (this can be very expensive when looking at the cage sizes that most pets need) in fact they need the largest cage you can manage

Food costs per week
Vets bills if your pets become ill.
e.g. Ferrets need a yearly injection against canine distemper.
Holiday care - you will need to pay for this of course if you cannot rely on friends and family.

Bigger pets for kids such as goats, and dogs and pedigree cats are far more expensive to buy initially, some costing hundreds of pounds.
You will need to consider:
Bedding and a cage (if buying one for your dog or cat)
Leads and collars for dogs.
Food bills
Vets bills (dogs should have yearly check ups with a vets)
Holiday care (kennels can be very expensive)
Flea treatment
Ongoing veterinary costs if your pets becomes chronically ill.

Essential Reality Check No. 4 - 
The Space Required

Even small pets for kids such as guinea pigs, fancy rats and ferrets need a lot of cage space for a happy life. They will need the biggest cages you can find space for. These pets also need space to exercise out of the cage.

Cats take up very little space, as do small breeds of dogs.
Dogs will need a decent sized garden as well as walks to keep them well exercised.

Essential Reality Check No. 5 - 
Time for your Pets

Do you and the family have time for a pet.

For smaller pets you will need to have them out of the cage and being handled daily for at least 2 hours a day.

Do you have time to clean out your pet at least once or twice a week, or even daily?

Some pets will certainly need the toilet corner of their cage cleaned more often to avoid a foul smelling cage and pet.

Water bottles and food bowls will need cleaning and refilling every day.

Will you be able to walk your dog at least once a day? - dependent on the breed some need more!

Are you willing to look after your pets for kids for the many years some can live?
(From 18 months to 2 years for a mouse up to 15 years for a dog)

If you are out at work all day and the kids are at school all day your pets will need and will demand attention when you return home 

Essential Reality Check No. 6 - 
Your Pet and Family Safety

You will always need to ensure your kids safety when they are spending time with any pets.
Even little pets can bite and leave a wound.

Dogs should not be left unattended with your kids as they are unpredictable. Even a faithful dog will bite and even attack a child if they are in pain or afraid. It happens rarely - but it does happen.

You will also need to ensure your pets safety:Is your child able to handle a pet safely without hurting it.

Is your pet safe with any other pets in the home? - if you have young children and a dog .... you will need to make sure the dog cannot escape because a door is accidentally left open.

If you have a dog you need to ensure visitors safety as you can be sued if your dog bites someone on your property (or even off your property)

Make sure that when pets for kids are having free time out of cages that:
Other pets cannot hurt them
They cannot chew electrical leads
They cannot fall into toilets or baths of water.
They cannot escape through gaps in walls or floors
They cannot get outside without supervision

Essential Reality Check No. 7 - 
Effects on Family and Neighbours

The whole family needs to be in agreement if you are getting pets. Pets can be noisy and messy having an effect on family living. 

What effect will a pet such as a dog have on Granny who suffers with an allergy - will that mean she cannot come to visit anymore?

If you get a dog will it bark and howl when you leave them for any length of time and will this annoy your neighbours.
Will the dog bark when your neighbours are in their own garden.
How will your neighbours take to having your pet cat mess in their garden?

You will need to keep your yard free of dog mess to ensure it does not smell -particularly in summer months.

Essential Reality Check No. 8 - 

Holidays and Care for Pets for kids

If you have pets for kids what will happen to them during your holiday times.

Do you have family or friends who can care for your pets while you are away.

If not you will have to pay for your pets care.

This will be expensive for dogs, cats and larger animals.

Even for little pets, holiday care can be expensive.

Essential Reality Check No. 9 - 
Loss of a Pet and Grief

Some children are really sensitive and will be distraught when their beloved pet eventually passes away, or is lost in some way.

This is especially distressing if the pet has died as a result of an accident or illness.

How will you manage this?

The kids will need to grieve, grieving is a healthy part of a loss reaction. We can suffer losses every day in a small way such as not getting something we want, this causes a loss reaction and part of the healing for this is grief. If your child or other family member struggles with the grieving then look at the following and see if it applies. The grieving process has seven stepping stones through which people move. Your family member may not go through them in order or spend long on any one.

The stepping stones are:
Shock, Denial, Guilt, Anger, Depression Bargaining, Acceptance
Your child may want another pet this is called bargaining and is one of the stepping stones through the grief process.
If your child cannot have another pet, break down the hidden losses that the death of their pet has caused. 
Could there be a loss of your child's self worth or self esteem.
Have they lost their only companion.
Has your child lost the only one who listened to them.
By chatting try to find out how your child is feeling and help them to work out their losses and then work through to acceptance by doing some healthy bargaining.
Would your child be able to regain their sense of worth or self esteem another way? Perhaps helping out with a friends pet for instance.

For some children it may be helpful to have a burial service, so they can say goodbye properly.

(My son kept some hair from his beloved dog)

Our kids have managed the deaths of their pets really well and have gone on to have other pets, for other kids though it has more of an effect so you will need to decide when or if to replace your child's pet.

Essential Reality Check No. 10 - 
Pets for Kids are GREAT!

For the most part pets for kids are good fun. They are often good company for your kids especially if the kids are lonely.

Our autistic daughter has changed a lot since we got her guinea pigs to look after. She has gained some imaginative play, we think this is because she talks to her guinea pigs.
We do have to oversee her with them though.

Kids can learn a lot from caring for pets for kids and by having pets even when they are lost naturally.

Dogs can encourage the family out to get exercise as they walk the dog.

All our kids love their pets.

Lesley Munnings is mum of four with numerous pets. She and her husband are authors of []
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Bedding For Your Golden Retriever

By []Peter Finch 

 It is important to exercise wisdom while selecting bedding for your golden retriever. As the golden retriever would be spending the night in the bed allocated to him, do spare some thought for making him comfortable. Golden retrievers make great pals, hence appropriate bedding would be a stepping-stone to an everlasting friendship.

Here are some tips for selecting bedding for your golden retriever 

- Firstly, you need to decide where you'd prefer the bed for your golden retriever. Would you have a bed for him inside the house? Or would you want to opt for one outdoors? Depending on your choice, you'd have to settle for comfortable bedding for your golden retriever.

- The golden retriever that you have got home would be leaving his comfort zone that he may have been used to. Known experiences, memories and scents will be replaced by unfamiliar ones. It is therefore very important to make him feel comfortable. If you think your golden retriever puppy is missing his mom and his litter too much, you may put a towel as bedding for your golden retriever. A comfortable soft towel may ease him a bit. That will help him relax and have a comfortable sleep.

- Bedding Material - Natural fiber such as wool is considered ideal as bedding for your golden retriever. Wool absorbs moisture and keeps the golden retriever warm. That ensures him a good night's sleep. It is not a wise idea to provide your golden retriever with an expensive blanket. In no time your golden retriever will chew the blanket. So it may be better to avoid such a waste of money. 

- If you'd like to provide bedding for your golden retriever right next to you, be prepared to wake up in the middle of the night and help him to the bathroom.

- Usually it is a good practice to keep food and water close to the golden retriever, so that he can help himself at night if he is hungry or thirsty. Make it a routine to make the golden retriever release himself an hour after the last meal.

- Doghouses are recommended if you wish keep your golden retriever outside the house.  It is important to furnish the doghouse properly for the comfort of your golden retriever. Ensure that the doghouse keeps your dog warm. You can pile up the doghouse with enough straws, so that your golden retriever can play with it and make a bed out of it as well. It would also be nice to provide him with a quilt, incase he needs to wrap himself up to feel comfortable.

- Golden retrievers are also known to prefer wooden shavings.

- In case you'd like to add variety to your options of bedding for your golden retriever, you have the choice of newspapers as well. However, chances are that your favorite pet may just get a little playful with newspapers.

The right bed goes a long way in making a dog comfortable in new surroundings and so you need to pay special attention to selecting bedding for your golden retriever. If you choose to keep it outside the house, make sure you spend some quality time with your dog. Make your golden retriever feel at home.

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Goldfish Tips - Finding Out The Gender of Your Goldfish

By []Dane Stanton

Boy or Girl?

How can you tell whether your Goldfish is male or female? You might want to know because you want to breed them, or give them the right name before Jack turns out to be the mother Goldfish! Here are some clues that might help you sort out the Goldfish boys from the Goldfish girls:

* The female Goldfish are slightly bigger than the males and look even heavier in the abdomen when they are full of eggs.

* Male Goldfish develop white spots on their gills and pectoral called "breeding tubercles" during spawning time.

* Males have midline ridges on their undersides beginning from the back of their pelvic fins and ending at their vent opening. This feature can be absent or smaller in females.

* Males have firm abdomen while in females; the area between the pelvic fins and the anal fins is more pliable.

* Male Goldfish have longer and pointed pectorals as well as stiff fin ray, while females have more rounded pectorals and shorter, finer front fin rays.

* Male goldfish have smaller and more oval anal openings and the anal fins are not as thick as that of the female goldfish who has a larger and rounder anal opening with a slight protrude. The anal fin is also thicker.

* The spawning time is the easiest time to distinguish the boys from the girls. The female opening will look larger and more swollen as the eggs begin to ripen. She would look big and heavier. Since fish reproduce through external fertilization, you can make out when a male is ready by the white breeding tubercles and you can actually push out the milt through his ventral opening by running a gentle finger along his sides.

* There is one more obvious, but kind of time taking way to make out which one of your fish is male and female. Find out who is chasing who - the chaser will be the male and the chased and tired out one will be the female! It's the natural tendency on part of the male goldfish to chase and nudge at a female's rear part.

Dane Stanton - []

Dane Stanton is an expert on goldfish health care. To visit his website visit [] for more information on Goldfish care and other aquarium related topics.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Adopting a dog? What to Look Out For

  If you are in the marketplace for buying a dog, why not think of adopting a pet from your local shelter or rescue? Adopting a dog and providing him with a loving home also blesses you with a lifelong buddy and the experience that you have helped to save an animal’s life. If you are open to the suggestion, visit your local animal rescue center or local shelter armed with a few queries before making your decision. Before even looking at the pups and dogs up for adoption, make sure that the shelter has a licensed veterinarian on its staff. This will specify that all the dogs are under medical care and have been vaccinated and checked for disease. Some people may voluntarily adopt a pet which has been injured. In such cases, find out all the facts about the injury, the extent of medical treatment required and the cost of future treatment if the need arises.
 Shelters also classify dogs up for adoption on the basis of their nature. Professional caretakers can identify characteristics and personality types in dogs and can help you when choosing the best pet for your home and family. The shelter staff should be able to advise you on whether the dog in question can be trusted with children or how he respond to other dogs or people. Choosing the right dog for your standard of living and family set-up is very important. For example, if you live alone in a small apartment, you definitely do not need a large boisterous dog, which needs people and activity around him at all times. On the other hand, if you have children and a large patch, such a dog may be the best match for you. When adopting, keep in mind the dog’s size, his friendliness, the exercise routine he requires, and his assertiveness. Speak to the shelter staff for information on various breeds to find the pet with the characters you are looking for.

 Most shelters have both mixed breeds and purebreds up for adoption. Keep in mind that adopting a purebred puppy will give you a good idea of how he will behave and how big he will grow as most conform to a particular 'breed standard'. Adopting a mixed breed may be a bit of wild card as predicting their physical personality traits is not always possible. That said, a mixed breed is likely to be stronger and healthier than certain purebred dogs as they are generally free of genetic defects.

 When deciding a shelter dog, remember that his true colors may not be evident until he is away from the chaos of the place and the other animals. Dogs feel shy and scared so spend time with each animal before making your selection.  

 Adopting a puppy is ideal if you are willing to spend time in training him and fixing his behavior. If you lack the patience to do this, an adult dog may be better suited for you. Once you have chosen your new friend, the next step is keeping him safe and secure. Shelter dogs may have been found off the streets and could have a tendency to run off and get lost. To avoid this from happening, spend in a dog GPS locator. GPS canine tracking devise such as the SpotLight GPS pet locator will offer you with 24/7 tracking of your pet’s location using the latest GPS technology. This gadget is small and easily attaches to your pet’s collar, and it will notify you of your pet’s whereabouts at all times. You can track him 24/7 online or with your mobile phone, and you can also receive text and email alerts if he walks away. To find out more about the SpotLight and GPS tracking for dogs, check out

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Security Dog Training is really worthwhile

Are you looking for security dog training? 

 If you are in a business where you need security dogs then you need to make sure that the dogs that you use have undergone thorough security dog training. These dogs can be a powerful deterrent to would be intruders but they need to be trained properly in order to have an impact. If you do not have the right security dog training for your dogs their effect can be nowhere near as effective as that from dogs which have been trained properly and know how to react in every situation. 

What does security dog training involve? 

Security dog training needs to be carried out to conform to the NASDU criteria and, if you can find security dog training that offers this standard then you can feel confident that your guard dogs will be trained to the very highest standards. Not only will they be extremely effective in guarding your premises but you can also feel confident that they will react in precisely the right way in every single circumstance. 

Where is the best place to go for security dog training? 

Although there are various places which can offer security dog training, there is one name which really stands out in this field. M.A. Dog Training & Services provide the very best security dog training that is available. As all of their dog trainers are retired police dog handlers and qualified (ACPO) Police Dog Trainers you can feel safe in the knowledge that your dog will be trained effectively to the very highest standards. With such an important service, you really need to make sure that you choose the best and you will be delighted with the service that you receive from them. Why not give them a call today or, alternatively, visit them online at to find out more about their services. 

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Delivering Golden Retriever Puppies

By []Naomi Bethany

 One of the most exciting and at the same time, tensing experience a canine owner could have is during the pregnancy of the pet. Delivering Golden Retriever puppies or waiting for it to happen brings the same anxiety a father feels when his wife is about to give birth to their child. Having said that; this fretfulness can also be worked out or even minimized by being ready when the moment arrives. There are so many things to be aware of during this very delicate period and gaining knowledge of them will not only give you a more relaxed disposition but would also ensure that your dog and its pups will be safe during the entire event.

 Canine pregnancy usually last for 62 days. Oftentimes, it is not easy to determine if it already is conceiving because the signs are not really that clear. In addition, taking it to a vet for an ultra sound may not always guarantee that the pregnancy will be detected. Thus, you must be very observant so that you will know if there are any changes that are taking place. The best indicator would probably be around two weeks prior to delivery because by that time, you can already feel the puppies when you lay your hands on her tummy.

One of the signs that would suggest that your pet is near labor is when the body temperature hits 38 degrees Celsius, which usually happens 12 hours before the big event. If you are not into taking temperatures regularly, just keenly observe her. If she refuses to eat anything for the whole day, it could be an indication that it will be undergoing labor the following day.

 Delivering Golden Retriever puppies can be done on your own, if you have gathered enough knowledge on how to do it. A lot of people just rely on themselves to do that and if you have friends who have once done it, you may ask for their help. However, if you are not very confident about the job, you better just leave the work to a professional. Bring it to a veterinarian and let them do the work. This could minimize your anxiety and could ensure that everything will be done properly.

 When you have seen all the puppies delivered, just like a proud father, you can then breathe easily and welcome the young ones to the family. Just make sure that you have already prepared a place for them in the house so that they would all feel comfortable, especially the mom, which needs to regain her strength.

 There are so many things to learn about []breeding golden retrievers. So many crucial things that are very useful in helping you take care of your pet properly. If you are in need of more help with your Golden Retriever, especially in understanding about its development, just visit []

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Silky Terrier Vs Yorkshire Terrier - Proven Methods to Tell Them Apart

By []April Osburn

Silky Terriers and Yorkshire Terriers have several differences. Most people cannot tell the two apart. But their looks are really different if you know what to look for. Below is a comparison, so you will be one of the few that are able too.

Silky Terrier vs Yorkshire Terrier - Appearance

Their coat has very small difference between the two - unless you love one breed or the other! So take a closer look at the following:

Differences in the Coat In These Terriers

Color - The coat is lighter on the Silky, usually a silver or slate blue, compared to the Yorkie's steel-blue.

Length - Silky Terriers have a coat that follows the outline of the can go below, but does not touch the floor! Yorkie's on the other hand have coats that go to the floor and can drag on mature adult dogs. To make it easier to groom some people will trim the bottom. Plus if the hair is dragging it is going to pick up a lot of leaves and debris from outside.

Topnot and Head - Basically the head is a deep, rich tan and then the tan or silver color on Silky Terrier's get lighter. On the Yorkie the topnot is a rich golden tan and then becomes deeper in tan along the sides of the head, at the bottom of the ears and on the muzzle. The tan color is not supposed to mingle with the other colors. This is considered a fault on the Yorkie.

Big Indicator For Which Breed You Are Looking At -- Is the Size

The size of these two toy breeds of dog is the most visible factor. Although sometimes you'll find a large Yorkie or a small Silky, this is usually the exception not the rule. The Yorkie must not exceed 7 pounds. Silky Terriers are around 10 pounds.

I know these two weights do not seem like that much of a difference, but you can definitely tell a petite dog with a petite bone structure from a more sturdy one.

Now Let's Take a Look at the Face

Take a closer look at each one of these dog's faces. Everything is a lot smaller on the Yorkie.

 Snout / Muzzle: Smaller dog = shorter snout. Silky Terriers have a little bit longer nose.

 Eyes: Silky Terriers have almond shaped eyes.
The best way to tell if the dog is a Silky Terrier or Yorkshire Terrier - - does the pet have a bow on it's head? If so, then it is more than likely a Yorkie. Silky's are not supposed to have bows on their heads! The dogs get upset and are very adamant about this!

Find out more information on Silky Terrier grooming, behavior and other tips regarding this feisty breed of dog at []

About The Author

April Osburn has been raised around Silky Terriers [] her entire life. She has two that are her constant companions, Gypsy and Samantha. She would like to share what she knows of this wonderful small breed of dog with anyone that would like to know more about them.

Article Source: [] Silky Terrier Vs Yorkshire Terrier - Proven Methods to Tell Them Apart

Monday, September 12, 2011

My Freddie

 Here are some pictures of my cat, Freddie. I have found him in the street, hungry and thirsty...His left frontal leg was also damaged, but now it is ok. He was very scared and still he react to every sudden move or sound  I make in the beginning of our friendship. Now he becomes more self confident.
Freddie is very cute and smart cat :D

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Homemade Parrot Treats

Author: Keith Forbes

Let me tell you why!

The climate commonly ranges from 70 to ninety degrees Fahrenheit. There is a tropical climate with northeast trade winds. You can expect to have humid and warm weather 12 months-round. However the trade winds generally deliver in cool breezes off the drinking water so that site visitors rarely feel uncomfortable in the heat.
The beaches can't be beat with many routines to do these kinds of as snorkeling, parasailing, jet skiing and several far more. You can play in the drinking water or loosen up in a chaise lounge underneath an umbrella and observe the relaxed waves of the Caribbean Sea flow in and out. Several hotels on the beach provide chairs and umbrellas for friends. There are also places to rent a chair or umbrella as very well. Reduit Seaside in the northern aspect of the island is preferred with a lot of persons simply because of the actions and facilities readily available close by.
There is purchasing galore! If you want to store and deliver household some neighborhood handicrafts and souvenirs you can uncover that at quite a few places on the island. You can invest in duty-free of charge items at La Spot Carenage situated in the town of Castries. Also in Castries is a big open air market exactly where you can come across outstanding souvenirs, clothing and fantastic neighborhood meals to sample and consider household. In Rodney Bay there are 2 malls as perfectly as a grocery keep and pharmacy to fulfill any purchasing demands that you could have.
St. Lucia spas are exceptional if you genuinely want to chill out and be pampered. Numerous resorts have superb spas exactly where you can have massages, human body wraps and several extra luxurious treatment options to melt all of your stress away in paradise.
St. Lucia dining is perfect if you're a foodie, gourmet connoisseur, or just a picky eater. There are dining establishments on the island to accommodate all budgets and tastes. You can locate quickly food, road meals vendors, quaint local eating places, and upscale gourmand dining all throughout the island. Lots of of the restaurants either on the seaside or in the mountains deliver superb views of the fantastic Piton Mountains or Caribbean Sea.
If adventure is what you are searching for then you can come across that as well. How about a hike to the best of the Piton Mountains? When you get to the major you can view the entire island as perfectly as other islands in the Caribbean. You can get a segway or bicycle tour all-around the island. Also go zip-lining as a result of the rainforest. There are various guided walks that you can get by means of the rainforest wherever you may be in a position to spot the elusive St. Lucian Parrot. Of course for a milder journey you can check out all the wonders of Pigeon Island and master about the historical past of St. Lucia or climb to the top of the Fort for a wonderful view of the north facet of the island.
Viewing all the points of interest available on the island is there any wonder why you really should not prepare your journey to St. Lucia? I'm sure you will have an knowledge that you will under no circumstances neglect!
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The author for this guide wishes to continue to be anonymous. Should you desire to make contact with this author, make sure you leave a concept in the responses area of a person of the written articles or blog posts... cheers!
Gourmet Parrot Food

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Walking Your cat on a leash Review - Easiest Guide to train a cat to walk on a leash

Author: mjreview

 Some people prefer these method :

1. Buy the proper equipment. A cat’s neck is much more delicate than the usual dog’s, so collars aren’t recommended. Instead purchase a comfortable, but sturdy harness and lightweight leash, no longer than 5 or 6 feet. Also make certain it can handle loops around your wrist. If danger threatens, you will want your cat close by to help you quickly pick him up.

2. Buy some reward food for the cat. Everything goes toward persuading her to do what you need.

3. Put the harness on the cat with no leash indoors. He is going to protest. He may fall over and refuse to budge, but don’t worry.

4. Offer your cat a treat and wait. When your cat stands up and walks toward you, give her the treat. Don’t rush it. Your cat may do it immediately or it might take awhile. Leave the harness on for about 10 minutes in a time, 2 to 3 times each day.

5. Once your cat feels safe using the harness, attach the leash. Let him walk throughout the house, dragging the leash, occasionally praising and rewarding him. Keep only at that during their visit until it's like he has accepted the leash and harness.

6. Take a your hands on the leash and move one step forward, gently tugging it. Be ready for your cat to protest and to try and pull away. Again use food as a reward. When the cat finally stands up and walks along with you, offer her food. Keep going with it until she consistently follows and heeds your tugs about the leash. After a couple of days you are able to phase the food part.

7. Take your cat outside. Start small in your yard or another secluded area, in support of do it for short periods of time. Start with 5 minutes, 3 to 5 times per day, gradually helping the time.

8. Gradually take your cat beyond the yard, increasing his exposure to the sights, sounds and smells from the outdoors. Again take your time, however with time you and your cat will be walking the road with little if any problems.

 For some reason, it seems rather difficult for most people to perform, but you don't worry because there are more creative ways to do it.
It’s similar to any other kind of training. You'll need proper equipment, patience and lots of positive reinforcement. Also because cats are, well, cats--highly intelligent, sensitive creatures--you can’t force the training. You are going to need to persuade your cat. Show her what you need to complete and convince her to perform that behavior.

 Now, let’s talk about Walking Your cat on a leash from Danna Fox and how it may assist you. I really hope this short Walking Your cat on a leash Review will aid you to differentiate whether Walking Your cat on a leash is Scam or perhaps a Real Deal.
Realize that walking a cat isn't like walking a dog. Cats are responsive to everything and can wish to stop and take a break. Follow his lead and enjoy the moment. And become careful with what neighborhood you choose. An excessive amount of simulation can frighten your cat.
 Outings in collar leash jackets for cats could be fun for that cats and you also. Just be sure the collar leash jackets are buckled securely, and permit the cats think they're walking you. The best reinforcements to give to your cat for optimal training.
  Remember to keep an eye out for dogs. Large dogs or those not under control could lunge for your cat, so be careful.
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Do You Want To Be A Good Pet Owner?

Author: Nanette Griffith

 Homes with pets are usually warmer-feeling and more, well, "homey." A dog or cat can offer a form of companionship and love that you just can't find some other way. You can return the favor of their love and loyalty by being a first-rate pet owner.

 Whether you will prefer the company of either a dog or cat, you still have different facets and preferences that play into whether a dog or a cat is correct for you, or any pet at all. It will be your responsibility to take care of your pet as best you can.

Choosing your pet

 Are you undecided about whether to get a dog or cat? Give a few moments thought as to what you want from a pet. As an example, if you're looking for a pet to be a lot like a human, and be very centered on being with you and pleasing you, then you should probably get a dog. Dogs can be easily trained for a lot of tasks, as well as guard duty.

 If you want a pet that likes your affection, but is still more independent, then you may want a cat. They require a bit less maintenance. They do not have that "people-pleaser" personality that a dog does, but they can nonetheless be very sweet. A cat really can be a good and loyal friend!
In choosing your pet, you first have to find out the qualifications that you need. Also, you need to see if you have allergies to animal fur and such so that your physician can recommend a pet that you can care for despite the allergies.

Things you need to know about your pet

 When you have made a decision to get a cat, dog, or even both, allow me to share a number of things you need to remember:

1. Don't jump to the conclusion that you got a "dumb" dog for the reason that he doesn't seem as smart as the neighbor's dog. Take some time teaching him some new tricks. It takes training to develop a good, smart dog.

2. Make sure that your pet gets all of the vaccinations it will need to stay healthy. After you first get your new friend, you need to get it to the veterinarian first thing for an initial checkup and shots.

3. Give your pet a bath regularly. It's vital that you keep your pets' fur clean at all times. There are many sicknesses that your dog might acquire, like fleas. If your dog has fleas, the whole household will be affected.

4. Give your pet nutritious food that is 100% complete and balanced. You might like to ask your veterinarian what type of food is suitable for your pet. Remember also that different breeds of dogs and cats can have different nutritional needs.

5. Clean his cage or crate once in a while in order that there are no pests.
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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fearful Dog - Dog at the Vet

  Many a proud and assertive dog suddenly melts into jelly as a fearful dog when you take him to that dreaded appointment -- dog at the vet! Just as children (and adults) dislike or fear going to the doctor's office, there is much dog fear of vet. Yours does not have to be a generally fearful dog, simply one who feels threatened by the cool efficiency of all these strangers who hustle around in this cold, sterile place with so many scents of fear!... and especially if a dog muzzle is unceremoniously shoved over the dog's face!
My rescued Border Collie is obediently, but he certainly does not love it at the vet, and is quite eager to return to the car. Most people just rush in there, get the thing done, then get out... and that is scary for a dog! I always prepare my dog in advance.

  So before you go, first check your own attitude. Come in feeling good, exuding confidence and a carefree attitude of "business as usual, no big deal." That will calm and reassure your dog.
But he, too, must come in feeling good. Give him fun outings, so going to the car to this place is just another of your outings to him. Make sure he is relaxed even before getting in the car by giving him proper exercise -- such as running him on a bike or roller blading. Make sure he has had a bowel movement if at all possible, because you want him comfortable.

  Then you need to address the situation at the vet's office itself. One of the reasons dogs do not often like to go to the vet is because the veterinarian is always in a rush... and so are the staff. That can feel threatening.
Every dog (especially a fearful dog) should be allowed time to become familiar with the scent of the veterinarian, staff, and vet environment. He needs some positive time with them in advance of exam time if at all possible. Try to introduce him in a fun way and give him time to adjust to the vet and staff before you actually take him there for an official visit and exam. Just knowing them in advance will provide reassurance to ease your dog's fears... even if they are then moving quickly and efficiently in "work mode" (just as you might do during your own work day, so even that might be familiar to the dog).
If your dog is extremely fearful and requires a dog muzzle, take your time in introducing one. Introduce it on a day prior to the vet appointment, at some place else where the dog is not so stressed and is having fun. Take your time introducing the dog muzzle. It may take thirty minutes, but it is worth it to make the fearful one surrender to the muzzle. This way, she will not fear it any more and will see that it means no harm. Then when vet appointment time comes, go early and, by advance arrangement with the staff, start on this process at a calm, leisurely pace -- not the frenetic pace of a normal in-and-out, get-it-done, office visit.
Cannot get a dog muzzle on? Here are two important dog behavior tips. 

1. Get an obedience dog trainer with muzzle experience to help in advance of thevet visit or to go with you. Have the professional restrain the dog while she releases her frustration -- by holding the scruff of the dog's neck, or the loose skin on the sides of her neck under her jaw. A skittish dog often screams the first time this procedure is done, so do not panic if such occurs. (That is all the more reason to acclimate her to the dog muzzle in advance.)

2. Remember to make your dog face his or her fear. The more you give in to her fear displays, the worse it will be. Never let the dog go when she is nervous, as that is when most dog bites occur. Fear bites. They can be nasty. So just stay in your control position until your dog calms down and you accomplish your goal.
It is the same thing always in dog training and dog relationships. Fearful dog or not, YOU must be a firm, consistent, persistent Leader. Never let go when the dog throws a tantrum (or you will be bitten), and always maintain your position until the dog is calm. The dog must see that you will not be the "first to look away" (hence, lose), but that you remain immovable until you accomplish your goal. Such leadership will comfort, reassure, and restore your fearful dog more than anything else -- even at the vet!

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kittens Training With Me Is So Simple

Author: donny mckenzie

 Cat Training Ideas - Learn How To Train your Cats To Behave

 Fun and profitable, no matter how naughty your cat is , Cat Training Ideas will easily assist you to to achieve training up probably the most naughty of the pets. cats are the fast novices and as Cats being quick inexperienced persons they are going to study quick however it is your accountability that you wish to be patience and you will need a a lot of affection to deliver the desired modification in your pet which you want. Not much of fear although in the event you observe cat coaching tricks to your cat patiently , you'll surely get the proper outcome and obedient conduct of your cat.

 Cat Training Ideas that may aid you to train your cat the very best way you need:

No one learns with out experience , Cats additionally study by way of experience. Cat training suggestions will merely show in you the proper means to prepare your naughty cat . First step is an important step in cat training ideas , Whenever you first convey your cat residence you will want to watch your cat getting accustomed to its surroundings. In cat coaching tips there are the 2 most effective methods that will help you train your cat - target training and clicker training.

 Target Coaching- This is a very powerful training in cat training tips , Objectives are admirable coaching aids and the coaching turns into a lot straightforward for trainers. What you must do in this coaching is that You'll use an object it can be anything principally what your cat likes simply to draw your cat's consideration and it's been studied that they reply nicely to those trainings.
 It is rather necessary to make use of constructive reinforcement to train catsClicker Coaching- Another essential coaching in cat training suggestions is clicker coaching , On this training you might be utilizing a device that can produce a clicking sound which is usually loved via the cats and it's a will have to to be positive that the gadget will make sound solely while your cat is doing some motion that's taught via you . As quickly as your cat plays the specified action the device produces a valid . The clicker acts as a marker for the behavior of your cat.

 It is extremely necessary to make use of constructive reinforcement to coach cats. Efficient cat training tips will involve giving the cat a deal with whilst it performs the specified command. That signifies that in case your cat plays a few favored action that's taught via then you definately you must give a deal with for your cat for appearing that preferred motion for you , on this means your cat will be taught just right habbits and behavior that's taught through you . Its identical to enjoying a recreation together with your cat.

 Muddle Field Training-This is most likely one of the so much essential ones, if you want to have your cat behave the way you want then this training performs a very important role in it. As you realize that the cats are obviously clean creatures, you will only inspire the inherent instinct by way of letting the cat use clutter box. The such a lot effective position to keep the muddle box in your home ought to be a peaceable position , placing litter field in a quiet area and clear atmosphere will do the trick.

Cat Training Suggestions Cats are identical to human beings as you love to stay in a peaceful position the same means cats also like to stay in a peaceable place , Cat coaching suggestions will require you to wash and disinfect muddle field daily. you need to at all times retains your cats muddle field clean once more assume it in this means this is like the way you need to preserve your house clean on a regular basis the same approach cats also feels that the place they're dwelling that position also needs to be stored clear .
Essentially the most delicate and necessary part of cat coaching suggestions is you want to always keep in mind to make coaching periods filled with fun , occurring , lighthearted , satisfying and you should always keep in mind that you must by no means be harsh at the cat as that may lead to unfavorable behavior . Any successful cat coaching suggestions will give consideration to a agency angle but a lot of love and affection is important . Probably the most primary however correct coaching may also permit your cat comply with easy instructions like sitting and standing , rolling over or even fetching things.

By means of following cat coaching suggestions and applying it together with your affection and love , your cat will get acquainted with your own home and surroundings . properly adjusted and completely happy cat will make all the distinction in your family and please please please treat your cat like your member of the family . It will make a selection of difference on your lifestyles in addition to your cats life.
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