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Green Finches and Zebra Finches

By []J. Knofman

Green Finches

 A green finch is a large stocky finch with a distinctly forked tail about the size of a great tit. During the summer season, the adult male appears olive-green except for yellow edges across their outer primary wing feathers and a yellow rump. Other parts as the coverts, cheeks and undertail coverts are grayish. One of the major distinguishing features of this kind of finch is that their males become dull during winter. Both sexes have flesh-colored legs.

 Feeding - They feed on seeds, buds and berries. They are specifically in search of sunflower seeds and would throw all seeds on the ground if a feeder contains a seed mix. Feeding on sunflower seeds, they can remain at the feeding venue for hours, gradually picking on the sunflower seeds.

 Unlike some birds, green finch nest in colonies in dense shrubs. Their nest is normally prepared of twigs and grass and lined roots and hair and they are built by the female. The smooth, glossy eggs are white to pale beige with blackish markings, and approximately 21 mm by 15 mm. Both parents feed the young when the eggs are hatched.

 On the other hand, Zebra finches are very easy goings, easy to care for, breed and good home Though Zebra finches have only 5 years as their wild life span, this figure doubles when they are kept within the reach and care of their owners. There has been testimonies that Zebra finches can survive up to 12 to 14 years and this will even make them part of your family on the long run. The adaptability of this finch specie is amazing. They can survive in anything that seemed like an environment including dry savanna, brush or grasslands, cultivated fields and even in pastures.

 Features - There are certain features that are noted with Zebra finches with which they can be distinguished. Unlike green finch, the male Zebra finches always appear with white stomach accompanied with gray wings with a gray upper body. There are still a lot of colors as can be seen on their cheek teardrop. They normally have flanks with vibrant chestnut color with white dots and legs and beak of reddish-orange. The amazing physical feature that they have is the black and white striped pattern on their chest.

 On the other hand, a female Zebra is almost similar in appearance but there are other features with which they can be distinguished from the male. They have lighter legs and beaks with a black teardrop. There are also many other color varieties that Zebra finches can be found which includes chestnut-flanked-white, fawn, pied, black cheek and black or orange-breasted.

Caring For Both Green Finch And Zebra Finch

 You mustn't mistake their wild life requirements with the kind of life they will need when kept in a cage. You need to provide them with fresh food and water everyday. However, unlike water, the food requirements of finches may vary according to the finch in question. Therefore, when you just get them you will need to experiment with various food constituents to find out which one they prefer more and eat better. As a general rule, however, you should provide them with seed with sprouts like alfalfa, vegetables and mashed up hard-boiled eggs, spinach lettuce and bread crumbs. Though it is a finch, but it doesn't eat anything; avoid giving them Cabbage, peppers and onions

 You must always ensure that the remnants of any food substance are removed after they are done feeding. Serve them with fresh foods and never use same food container for two meals if not properly washed. This specie of finches like using their beaks and you must ensure that something is available always for them to strike on.

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  1. I used to raise these little guys ! Loved them !!


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