Monday, April 4, 2011

Golden Retriever Training - Practical Tips For A More Effective Obedience Training

 Even perfect dogs need training. Golden Retriever training will be rewarding for both you and your puppy. Golden Retrievers thrive on praise and food. Before you venture out into the dog parks or other social events, you should do a little bit of obedience training. If you are not comfortable performing the task yourself, there are always obedience classes and puppy kindergarten classes available at some of the larger pet stores or by individuals.

 The first step is to take your puppy to a quiet room. There should be no other distractions. Have a pocket full of treats available. Have your dog sit. Hold one of the treats in your hand. When your dog is firmly in the sitting position and puts his head back a bit, give him his treat. This is another case when timing is everything. Repeat this for about ten minutes and then play for a bit. Golden Retriever training should be fun for both you and your dog. You will lose your pets concentration if you continue until he is bored. This should be the only thing that you work on for your very first lesson.

 The next Golden Retriever training session should start with a repeat of the initial lesson. This time, hold the treat a bit longer before giving it to your baby. If the dog stands before five seconds passes, start over and do not give him his treat. Stay by your dog's side and repeat the command and the reward until your pet stays in the sitting position for five seconds. It is important for you to get your golden to sit in position for an extended program with you at their side. If he will not stay in the position with you there, he certainly will not stay there if you walk away. You should extend the time very gradually.

 The third lesson of your Golden Retriever training should begin with a refresher of the second lesson. Once your dog has let you know that he remembers, move on to the next step. Get your dog into the sitting position. Using a firm voice, tell him to "stay." When you have accomplished that, give your dog a treat with an additional command, such as "OK." Repeat and repeat while increasing the time that you hold the treat in your hand. This will be gradual but do it until you can get your pup to stay in the sitting position for at least thirty seconds. If he moves before the thirty seconds, gently command "uh-uh." Don't be too loud, gentle and slow works.

 As your Golden Retriever training progresses to the point where your dog will repeat the commands in any room of the home, you are truly making progress. By introducing distractions and enforcing your commands, you are putting yourself in the position of the leader. You can continue with the stay command until you can walk all around your dog before he moves. Gradually you can walk in other directions until you can get a good distance between you and your dog without your dog moving. Take it slow and be consistent. Effective training takes time and persistence. You will both be happier for it.

James Drake is a Golden Retriever enthusiast and enjoys helping others taking care of this amazing breed. For more great information on Golden Retriever Training, visit

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