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Preparation For Traveling With Your Parrot And Other Pet Birds

By []Lisa M Sweet

 Prior to traveling with your parrot it is a good idea to associate him/her with the container in which you use to travel with your bird, whether it be a kennel or travel cage. Don't just shove him/her into it on the day of travel as this can cause quite a lot of stress and fear if you don't get your bird acquainted with the container in advance. Every bird you own should be acquainted in this way in the event of travel due to a need to evacuate your home like for a hurricane or other natural disaster, you can never be to ready for.

 Start by getting a kennel or small travel cage to contain your pet, preferably that can be secured in the vehicle by way of the seat belt or other means of securing it.

 In advance take the time to associate your bird with the container by letting him/her explore it, put snacks in it and a toy to make it a positive experience that many parrots actually learn to enjoy and look forward too. The toy should be some what of a foot toy, easily picked up for play and not some large dangly thing that could cause harm or need you to untangle your bird from while traveling, think small but not so small that it can be swallowed, safety is the way to go for your bird and you. While driving you don't want to be distracted obviously if your parrot becomes tangled up. Make sure a feed cup and water cup are secure in the container. When thinking about water as it can spill and than be gone it is often wiser to place some of your parrots favorite juicy pieces of fruit in it instead of water. This way he/she will not be without moisture for travel, also either bring some of your water from home in a container or bottled water to offer him/her if your travel a great distance and or upon reaching your destination. Bring extra food that the bird is accustom too, now is definitely not the time to introduce a new brand other than what he is use to and will readily consume.

 If you plan on a destination such as a hotel or other lodging it is a good idea to bring a mini vacuum and other items to clean up after your parrot. They are much like traveling with children, can make a mess and have needs that you need to be prepared for. It is a good idea to find out in advance if your destination such as a hotel does indeed allow pets.

 Other considerations are the fact that you are traveling in an air-conditioned vehicle does not insure that your pet will stay comfortable as direct sun and glare can easily come in through a window even with the window up and the airconditioner on. Just like for a baby it is a good idea to provide a nice shaded area in the vehicle for your bird. A shade screen can be purchased in advance as an item in most stores that carry things for babies and is a wise purchase indeed. As a panting parrot can not cool him/herself off like a cat or dog and even they should have these considerations when traveling with them also.

Another thing to have on hand is a birdie first aid kit that you can put together, it should consist of   rel=nofollow []orange flavored Gatorade (for dehydration), Neosporin Ointment (safe even if eaten), Kwik Stop (for bleeding prevention), a towel (in the event you have to restrain him/her for any reason and or for comfort in a kennel), small scissors (in case he/she becomes tangled up in a thread from the towel or such), a small wire cutter is a good idea also (just in case). You can never be to prepared and usually if you have these items readily available the trip goes smoothly, it's when you don't have them and are not prepared for mishaps that they most often happen.

 Having a safe trip is of course is always preferred and it can even be fun to take your parrot for a ride as he/she can learn it is enjoyable and always likes to be with you anyway. Many of ours look forward to going bye bye and even know which travel cage and or kennel is theirs.

 Closing thoughts: Always clean up after your parrot if you stay at a hotel as the next person with a parrot will be a lot more excepted at a facility if you do. While on the road keep your parrot in his/her container so you are not distracted while driving. Keep it neat and safe for all!

 Raising macaws, cockatoos and many other parrots since the early 80's and finding little or no information on these magnificent gems of the parrot world has prompted me to write articles and stories about them. They are so much more than just a bunch of feathers and one should not want one on just a whim. It should be well thought out, researching them well before considering to own one or any animal for that matter. Although many parrots, cockatoos and macaws do have ability for speech, this alone should not be the reason for getting one. My hopes are to give you a glimpse into what they are about not just a novelty but a creature with a beating heart. That if treated with kindness and respect for their needs, will return much pleasure for years to come. They are one of Gods treasures and should be treated as such. To learn more about them, interesting pictures, videos and more through out our website and for a list of pet friendly lodging in Louisiana. It's always good to think ahead before disaster strikes, call around your area for pet friendly lodging, you never know when you'll need this information.

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5 Most Important Thing To Verify When You Buy Discount Pet Meds

Author: Danny Maridonna

 Buying discount pet meds online has become the norm nowadays. UK-based M&S Money conducted a survey and found out that over 20% of the customers had resorted to buying drugs for pets online in less than one year. While this may seem like staggering growth, the increase in the number of rogue pharmacies will also seem stunning. The FDA identified at least 200 discount pet meds stores that offered drugs without prescription and were illegal.
The below-mentioned diligence list will help you select the best pharmacy to buy discount pet meds.
Diligence List before you Buy Discount Pet Meds
Consult this list prior to purchasing drugs for pets online:
Discuss With Your Vet: If you are planning to buy discount pet meds online from a Canadian supplier there is no need to hide it from your veterinarian. True that vets receive kickbacks from Big Pharma but if a client asks them, it would be against their oath to misinform. They will tell you the truth. So, discussing with a vet will prove extremely useful since s/he may even refer you to some reputed med suppliers. The least they can do is put the generic name on your prescription. As we will see, this too can be of great help.
Understand the Type Of Medication: In addition to understanding the medication, it is important to understand the gravity of the situation. If the prices are not too different it may make sense to buy medicines locally. This is the case when you buy preventatives. However, if you are buying life saving drugs, the cost savings on discount pet meds can be substantial. So, weigh your options each time you buy.
Understand what your Insurance Says: Sometimes buying online can lead to issues if due care is not taken. Insurance contracts have a lot of fine print. There have been cases where insurance companies decided not to reimburse because the name of the drug on the prescription did not match with the one in the invoice of the pharmacy. Even though the generic substance was the same, insurance companies found it was illegal since that particular drug was patented in the US and it would be unlawful for them to reimburse generic purchases.
Also, insurance contracts have different payout ratios for different types of medication. Discuss all kinds of scenarios with an insurance representative so that you know the likely financial consequences. This can save you a lot of hassles after purchasing your discount pet meds.
Check for Rebates: Canadian pet drug stores will advertise huge discounts. However, sometimes if you probe further, they will pass on a special rebate received by the manufacturer to you. This is generally done by online stores for regular clients of discount pet meds. Being a member or buying long term from one pharmacy will make more sense instead of bargain hunting in this scenario.
Check BBB/Rating Agency: It is essential that you deal with a credible party. Check the reviews and ratings of your pet drugs supplier before you buy anything from them. Also, ensure that they are accredited.
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If you are looking for a long term reliable supply of pet medication, go to The idea of Discount Pet Meds is gaining great popularity with more and more Americans. The customer service and pet care information offered by this pet drug store are appreciated worldwide.

My Cat's Overweight, What Should I Feed Her?

By []Kef Hollenbach

 So, you faced your concern "my cat's overweight". You are wondering what you need to do so your cat will a long, healthy life and not have a fat cat problem, or some other issue like diabetes. One way to keep your cat in shape and avoid health problems is through proper nutrition.

Nutrition Needs for Cats: To facilitate overall good health and fat cat weight loss, make sure your pet's food has the following nutrients:

Between 28 and 40 percent protein (should be meat-based, not plant based)
About 14-21 percent fat.
Six percent minerals and two percent vitamins
A fiber level of three percent
Carbohydrate level of below 18 percent if possible.
Taurine - an essential nutrient that must be present, as without it a cat can go blind or develop heart problems.

Make sure the food you choose is approved by the American Feed Control Officials (AAFCU). You will see this on the label.
Cats are Carnivores: Unlike dogs, cats are strict carnivores. Dogs have a special enzyme in their stomachs that can digest carbohydrates; cats don't. That's why choosing a cat food that has a plant-based protein isn't the best choice and may even be part of what is causing the fat cat problem. You should buy a high quality cat food that has meat instead of a grain as the first ingredient and especially not the cheapest one on the shelf.

Cats Need Small Amounts of Fats: Cats need some fat in their diets, which is used to break down vitamins and minerals in the food and to help their organs gain a small layer of fat to insulate and cushion them. Too much fat and you are back to having a possible fat cat problem.

Water Needs: Most cats need about one quarter to half a cup a day minimum of clean, fresh water to stay healthy. Some cats will drink out of a plain bowl, but some will drink more water if you provide one of the special cat drinking fountains you can find online in places like or in the pet supply stores.

Dry Versus Wet Food: Some veterinarians recommend wet food over dry, somewhat due to the fact that a majority of commercial dry food is mostly plant based instead of meat based. Plus, wet food has the water content a cat needs if you can't get her to drink plain water. Make sure any canned food also has the right levels of nutrients. One thing to consider is to feed a high quality wet food along with a high quality dry food to balance out nutritional and dental needs.

Raw Diets: There are also some who say a raw diet is best for cats, but a potential problem is that it can expose your pet to salmonella and E. coli, the bacteria from waste products.

Other considerations: If your cat has special needs like diabetes, or some other medical condition, you may need a special prescription food. Plus, cats of different ages need different formulas.

Conclusions: All in all, there are many things to consider when figuring out your cat's nutritional needs and keeping her from having a fat cat problem. If you have any questions, consult with your veterinarian or conduct some online research for your pet's specific needs.

Being raised with 6 cats gave me an intense education on "what can go wrong" when living with such a mix of felines! 

With a current pet cat that is a true "fluff ball" I was on first name basis with our vet.

I needed to find out more about WHY and HOW my overweight cat had gotten this way. Intense research led me to post my problems, concerns and solutions at []My Cats Overweight

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